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Apparently you don’t need money, a website or name recognition to win a Senate primary in South Carolina. [sh*t is easy]

Meet Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee for Senate in South Carolina. Alvin won on Tuesday, but has no idea how.  Nor does anyone else…

Greene, an unemployed 32-year-old who lives with his parents in Manning, was hardly visible on the campaign trail, even ignoring a stump rally in his hometown. Still, he trounced [Vic] Rawl, a former judge and state lawmaker who serves on Charleston County Council.

So just how did Greene win?  The basics: No money. No website. No campaigning.

Greene spent no money campaigning and did not have a website, but improbably captured 59 percent of the vote and won all but four counties. Rawl campaigned across the state, raised about $250,000, sent out about 260,000 e-mails and was left scratching his head Tuesday night as results came in.

Is this the strangest thing you’re read in a while? Yeah, same here.

Need more Alvin?  Video below…

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