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Jerry Brown is running for governor of CA again, which would lead us to believe that records on his previous administration might give voters some insight into how he governs.

One problem, the over 2,000 boxes of records are “available to the public only with Brown’s written permission“. Clever move, Jerry.

Never fear, though, reporter Joe Matthews is on the case! Or maybe not. Matthews waited a good six months before Brown finally granted him access to the archives.

SIDENOTE: Looks like Brown hasn’t gotten back to Meg Whitman’s request yet…surely an oversight.

So, what has Matthews been looking at in the archives? According to our score sheet, he seems more focused on items that aren’t from Jerry Brown. Here’s our humble call as journalism’s umpire.

Strike 1: Letters from random citizens sent to Brown, with no Brown response

Strike 2: A telegram sent to Jerry Brown, with no Brown response

Strike 3: A Congressional floor speech by some guy not named Jerry Brown

We’ll go ahead and give him one more at bat, but so far, we don’t really smell a Pulitzer coming Matthews way. Stranger things have happened, though.