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At 27, Leslie Bradshaw has one of the most exciting gigs in DC – President of JESS3.  She’s also a friend of FamousDC – so when we heard she was recently featured on NPR, we had to share.

Leslie Bradshaw knows exactly what she wants when she heads to Starbucks.

On a recent afternoon at a Washington, D.C., branch of the popular cafe, she ordered an iced skim chai and then got right down to business by opening up her MacBook Air.

For Bradshaw, 27, it’s not the cold beverages that are the main draw. She’s here for the wireless hotspot that she uses to get online.

“I have no television, I have no land line, and I actually have no Wi-Fi even though I run a high-tech digital agency,” says Bradshaw, who is president of JESS3, a Web design and branding company. “It really comes down to my BlackBerry, which is all kind of what I need, and my Kindle.”

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