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Lots of politicians are for sale, but this is the first we’ve seen for sale on Ebay. [sell now price]

The Republican Party of Florida has followed through on its promise to auction off an oil painting of Gov. Charlie Crist, who bolted from the party last week to run for Senate as an independent.

The state party took to eBay Monday afternoon to sell off the framed portrait under the banner “Help the Republican Party of FL Get Our Money Back!”

Just how pissed is the Republican Party of Florida?

The eBay product listing, which describes the subject as “Untrustworthy, Self-Serving Politician,” drips heavily with sarcasm and outright disdain for the first-term governor.

“Canvas is naturally sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity, just as the Charlie Crist’s political convictions are subject to fluctuations in poll numbers,” reads one mock disclaimer on the auction page.

Apparently if you buy the Crist, they’ll toss in a Specter.