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Friday, April 23

It has been exactly one week since the SEC filed charges against Goldman Sachs.

And now this is what we’re talking about:

WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe: SEC porn investigation nets dozens

Dallas Lawrence peaks behind the curtain

Forbes: Obama Fights Goldman With Social Media

For a peak behind the curtain at the White House’s efforts to focus voter frustration on Wall Street’s woes, you need only turn to Google, where the administration has unleashed a multi-week search engine marketing (SEM) campaign designed to funnel information seekers to the “Organizing for America” website. That site is the former organizational hub for the famously successful “mybarackobama.com” campaign, which many credit with propelling the candidate’s meteoric rise to win the presidency.

For much of the last month, Obama’s digital team has engaged in a paid advertising effort that targets a variety of key search terms–such as “Goldman SEC”–on the leading search engine, and it has integrated that paid SEM initiative with numerous online campaign tactics. In fact, given the millions of online relationships the Obama administration established during the campaign, the White House’s “earned” social media efforts might just outpace its paid efforts on Google.

Coordinated pushes to the president’s more than 8 million followers on Facebook are urging the faithful to “ensure that taxpayers will never again be forced to bail out big banks.” President Obama’s verified Twitter profile has joined the rallying cry as well, calling on more than 3 million followers to “hold the big banks accountable to the people they serve.” All the while, the White House is leveraging the viral nature of these platforms to turn its true believers into digital-messaging echo chambers that can potentially grow its base of support exponentially.

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