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In an effort to spend taxpayer money wisely, the U.S. Government has taken to fortune cookie writing [and predicting the future].

As part of a $320 million media campaign, the Census Bureau has included messages in 2 million fortune cookies encouraging participation in the 2010 Census. The cookies are being sent to restaurants and grocery stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. [an unfortunate waste of money]

At least they didn’t waste the money on a parachute museum in Ohio. Oh wait…

A parachute museum in Ohio was earmarked $95,000. The money will be used to install touch-screens and develop an exhibit to show visitors how to pack a parachute into a backpack.

Okay, well at least they didn’t spend the money on tattoo removal — right?

$200,000 was appropriated for a tattoo removal program in Mission Hills, CA.

We give up. Read the earmarked mess here.