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Luckily for all of us, The Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff is there and live-tweeting.

Spend a few minutes and check-out his feed: #annoyingthingsoverheardatsxsw

vermontgmg “It’s sustainable but also kind of Third World sad,” overheard at Moonshine patio’s. #annoyingthingsoverheardatsxsw

vermontgmg “I’ve got the ideas in my head, the challenge is making them into a business, revenue, and all that.” #annoyingthingsoverheardatsxsw

vermontgmg “Don’t just think outside the box, throw the box out the window,” panelist. #annoyingthingsoverheardatsxsw

vermontgmg Woman in audience next to me: “I’m just going to tweet everything for now, then I’ll blog later.” #annoyingthingsoverheardatsxsw

vermontgmg At Miller Lite pitch: Q: How would people hear about your film? “We’d use the Tweeter feeds.” #cluelessthingsoverheardatsxsw