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Chris Frates = 1, Robert Gibbs = 0, the Blair House Project was seven and half hours of wonk Olympics, robot whale parks are coming, we’re on a horse, Chris Matthews managed to insult kidnap victims, Buster Brown and The Get down rocked Gin & Tonic, Box is back in town, DC does have style, Erick Erickson rocked a fan page, weiner, Republican nerds suffered CPAC hangovers, Brauchli vs. Quinn, Tommy McFly scooped on the Blonde Charity Mafia, The Hill is Home is broke news, Maegan Carberry stopped by for a few minutes, Jon Allen came back, Katie Strand is on Twitter, Jim Bunning vowed to filibuster  until those dang kids get off his lawn, we can’t even consider this, Newt Gingrich lost staff line privileges, meet Michael Calderone, have a good weekend and tell Jill Chappell happy birthday tomorrow.