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Katie Harbath, the Director of Bell and Whistles at the NRSC [and the 2nd place finisher in the FamousDC Snowmageddon Photo Contest] is not only a fan of curling, but an experienced curler herself.

According to Harbath, who was kind enough to answer a few questions, she was once an award-winning curler.

I don’t actively curl anymore but did all growing up and in high school. Even won bronze medal at the Wisconsin State Games in the Women’s Junior Tournament. Granted we won because it was so cold the other team couldn’t start their cars to make it to the medal game, but in my view a win is a win and I got a medal.

As for whether or not curling is a sport or just an excuse to drink beer:

Curling is a sport – requires a lot of strategy and balance to run down ice while sweeping and not hitting other stones. Play a game and trust me, your legs will be sore the next day. The excuse to drink beer is a bonus. At the Green Bay Curling club they keep the kegs right there on the ice. What other sport does that?

When asked whether or not it was a coincidence that a curler has never appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Harbath quipped, “I think it’s only a matter of time before curling makes the cover of Sports Illustrated. I think I need to get Stephen Colbert to help on that one.”

We think someone needs to set up a curling event in DC. We’ll help sponsor it.