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Actor Danny Glover believes that the Haitian earthquake was caused by climate change and global warming: [his friend Pat disagrees]

As a reminder…

Giving Help

The American Red Cross is one of the most widely known organizations working in Haiti. They accept online donations, help volunteers arrange to give time or other support, and can accept $10 donations, charged to your cellphone bill, by texting HAITI to 90999.

UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders, two other groups showing up frequently in calls for help, have set up sites for their Haiti efforts.

Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean has harnessed Twitter to gather support for his Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund, which also offers $5 text message donations.

The Daily Beast, a news and opinion blog and aggregator, does a good turn by compiling this list of non-governmental organizations helping in Haiti, with some context on each organization and where your money goes.

Caroline McCarthy’s helpful CNET explainer points to lists compiled by the San Francisco Chronicle, NPR News, and CBS News.