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Never heard of Sean Medlock?  You have now.

Sean Medlock, aka Jim Treacher, has joined Team Carlson at the Daily Caller.

Tucker writes:

Our blog is called The DC Trawler. It’s hosted by Jim Treacher, a demented genius we convinced to move from Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago. Not your average person. You’ll see.

We look forward to following the hilarious Treacher – but warn him – his colleague Matt Labash knows a thing or two about funny.

His first column includes this:

If I had my druthers, I’d have chosen another gift, perhaps the untold riches of Lil’ Wayne, whose teeth are made of actual diamonds, or to be the sexiest man alive, like Rachel Maddow. But wisdom is what they gave me, so wisdom is all I have to give back to you.

Check out the Daily Caller.  Do it.