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For the past couple of days C-SPAN pretty much drove the news by calling Democrats out on their promise to allow coverage of the final health care negotiations between the House and the Senate. In addition to properly reminding Americans that politicians are total hypocrites, C-SPAN reminded us that they are most certainly not.

Until yesterday. When Democratic leaders held a press conference following a meeting with President Obama. On health care. And how negotiations between the House and the Senate were progressing. And C-SPAN… didn’t cover it live.

Instead, as Congressional leaders were talking to reporters, C-SPAN channels were carrying: 1) a rerun of the White House Press Briefing from earlier in the day; 2) a rerun of a Dec. 31 American University class on grassroots activism; and 3) (and we are not making this up) British Parliament.

We’re huge C-SPAN fans, but what happened to holding our leaders accountable? — you know, for DEMOCRACY’S sake!