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There is no sense wasting time sending around greetings of world peace and happiness.

Let’s fight over college football!

The Hill’s Jordan Fabian: Washington heavyweights join fans in demanding a college playoff

The issue gained ground in Washington a year ago when Obama lent his voice to sports fans around the nation frustrated with the absence of a college football playoff and reached a fever pitch this month when a House subcommittee approved legislation that would pressure the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) to adopt one.

The BCS responded by hiring its own political heavyweights, including Fleisher and the lobbying firm run by former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-Okla.).

Texas and Alabama will play on Jan. 7 for this year’s national championship, two of five undefeated teams ranked by the BCS.

James Carville

“Ari couldn’t be a [college football] fan and defend the BCS,” Carville said. “It’s incompatible. If you love college football, you have to hate the BCS.”

Ari Fleischer

Fleischer responded by saying Carville is having a hard time because his favorite team, Louisiana State, finished 9-3 and No. 12 in the rankings.

“James has long identified as someone who hates the BCS,” Fleischer said. “He’s an LSU fan, so he’s having a tough year and I don’t see any reason to make his year any tougher.”

Ouch. One point for Ari.

So, do we blame Les Miles ?