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Inspired by GQ’s list, and helped along by Ana Marie Cox, ABCNews.com published the Top 10 Least Powerful People in DC [spot on]

10. John McCain/John Kerry.

9. Susan Collins. Maine’s other senator.

8. Jim Zorn. Washington is a football town, and the Redskins’ coach isn’t so much reviled as he is pitied.

7. Gay-rights advocates. One of Ana Marie Cox’s suggestions, in the wake of last weekend’s LGBT rights march.

6. Tom Vilsack. He was the first one in (and the first one out of) the 2008 presidential contest.

5. Terry McAuliffe. We miss Terry — the motor-mouthed, once ubiquitous former DNC chair who, like Vilsack, went all-in for Hillary Clinton.

4. Cindy Sheehan. If you hold a protest and nobody covers it, does it really happen?

3. Roland Burris/Ted Kaufman. One is Blago-tainted, the other Biden-tainted.

2. Actual Washington, DC voters. Lest we forget, since we’re reminded by our license plates, this is the city of Taxation Without Representation (and does anyone really know who their city council member is?).

1. Levi Johnston. The father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild has forfeited any claims he might have had to being taken seriously by hawking pistachios and deciding to appear in Playgirl.

Read more about why each was chosen.