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With tears in his eyes, Tom DeLay told a live studio audience that he was leaving Dancing With the Stars. The announcement came moments after DeLay and his partner Cheryl were voted through to the next round.  [the man had the votes]

DeLay made the tough decision to bow out because it’s apparently hard to dance on two broken feet.

But the tears quickly turned to jeers after DeLay made his way to Jimmy Kimmel via a wheelbarrow.

Kimmel teased DeLay several times about his dancing, claiming that he and DeLay were probably evenly matched as bad dancers, and at one point jesting that for a Republican, DeLay was as light on his feet as an elephant.  [strong showing]

Asked as to whether or not his former colleagues were teasing him …

"Actually they weren’t very surprised. If you knew me you’d know I like to have fun; I like to push the envelope," admitting he shocked a few people. He added, "I’m still upset you don’t think I can dance!"

The show won’t be the same without the Wild Thing, but it’s about damn time we got our Monday night back.

UPDATE: CNN has the picture of the wheelbarrow.