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Tonight 10 of “Washington’s D.C.’s highest profile figures” [who doesn’t love a good joke?] have volunteered [begged] to leave their cozy offices on Capitol Hill to try their hand at stand-up comedy. [hold on tight]

It’s called Funniest Celebrity in Washington and it happens at the DC Improv.

Contestants include: [please hold your applause until the end]

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher — political commentator, internet correspondent
Grover Norquist – President, Americans for Tax Reform
Richard Miniter – VP of Opinion, The Washington Times
Count Gore De Vol – Host WDCA-TV
Representative Rick Larsen – (D-WA)
Anna Mulrine – US News and World Report
Representative Jackie Speier – (D-CA)
Austan Goolsbee – Washington Economist
Chef Geoff Tracy – Washington Restaurateur
Mark Tapscott – Editorial Page Editor, Washington Examiner

Yes, those are Washington’s D.C.’s highest profile figures.

The fundraiser benefits the charity STAND UP FOR KIDS , [we think].

Nora McAlvanah, who is one of the funniest people we know [and frankly should be performing], will be one of the judges – along with our friend Patrick Gavin.

Other judges include:

GEICO Gecko [WTF?]
Jamie McIntyre—CNN Pentagon Correspondent
Chris Dorobek—WFED-AM anchor
Bob Madigan—WTOP-FM’s “Man About Town”
Karen Tumulty—Time Magazine
Kiki Ryan—Politico
Ann Hand—Famed Washington Jeweler
Clarence Page—Columnist for The Chicago Tribune
Julie Mason and Gina Sacrapanti – Washington Examiner

Stay tuned tomorrow for our post-game wrap up.

It really is a great event and guess what? Tickets are still available.

UPDATE: Here’s a an old 2005 column on Matt Cooper by Janet Donovan.