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That’s not a punch line – it’s the truth.

Sarah Palin’s publisher plans to announce Tuesday that the title of her eagerly awaited memoir will be “Going Rogue: An American Life. [picture book?]

We admire the former quitter Governor of Alaska for writing a book, we just feel the title is a little weak.  Why pay homage to former McCain staffers when titling your book, and not take a different, more creative approach?

Below are the TOP TEN book titles that hit the cutting room floor:

Zen and the Art of Snowmobile Maintenance
Paint By Number: Pictures From My Front Porch
What Happens in Wasilla, Stays in Wasilla
Buy This Book, Granny, Or a Death Panel Will Get Ya
History of the Alaskan-Speaking Peoples, Vol.1
En Rogue: The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Designer Glasses
Burn Before Reading
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Tuesdays With McCain
No One Puts Baby in a Corner

Note: Had “Great Expectations” not already been taken, that would have been the lead contender.

Do you have a better book title?  Submit it in the comments.  Clever titles will get promoted.