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Before last night’s Dancing With the Stars episode aired, it was unclear as to whether Tom DeLay would be able to impress America, and more importantly, develop a fan base — especially going up against Peyton Manning and MNF .

10 seconds into his "Wild Thing" dance [and after the 62 year-old knee-slid across the stage], it was clear that the Hammer’s appearance on the show would be great for him [and ABC ].

The other male celebrities [other than Donny Osmond who never lacks energy] nearly put fire to sleep. They came across as nervous and boring on TV. Even the great Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin didn’t respond well to Tom DeLay’s earlier challenge .

DeLay was quite the opposite – and the Twittersphere agreed.  [We’ll just have to wait and see if Tweets translate into votes.]

@klgoldWho would have thought @TomDelay would have been better than Michael Irvin?!? #DWTS

@Thetonylee@EmilyMillerDC @tomdelay may prove elites wrong again–even liberal friends loved wild thing–some voted 1st time for conservative!

@benedictgal @tomdelay you were actually fun to watch. you did rather well. this is hard coming from a Texas democrat.

@KrisBanks Just voted for @TomDeLay. Never thought I would say that! What can I say, I want him around.

@KatieFavazza RT @mattmargolis: RT @emzanotti @tomdelay is kind of like Elvis with a hip replacement. But I’ll give it to him. He’s good. #dwts

@JonathanGrella@tomdelay is going to redistrict irvin out of texas. #dwts

@Terence_Grado They’re saving the best for last: @tomdelay. #dwts #crnc #tcot

@almacy What does it say about us that we are letting our girls stay up to watch @tomdelay on Dancing with the Stars?

Even Billy Bush got in on the action:

@BillyBushHoly @tomdelay! That was entertaining. Haha…LMAO!!!!!! Dodd, You’re next!

@[email protected] look radioactive! The spray tan is strong but I love that u went with it! I’m guessing u snapped the onesie 2. Bravo, now DANCE

ABC might nudge the judging death-panel and let them know that having the Hammer on the show is great for business [and viewing the Washington, D.C. DMA].

Also, did Bill Bush just call out Chris Dodd? What does he know that we don’t?