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This could be the harshest Deadspin treatment we’ve ever seen, but it comes honest.

Deadspin has 21 slides that take us through the painful memories of the season … one picture at a time.

Deadspin: The 2009 Washington Nationals: A Season Of Bigger Failure

Despite appearances, the New York Mets are not baseball’s worst team. That honor belongs to the Washington Nationals, a organization whose legendary incompetence should be memorialized on the marble arches of the great city that wishes they played elsewhere.

Since Pierre L’Enfant is no longer around to accurately convey the majesty of their ineptitude, this humble blog will attempt to do it with pretty pictures. It’s more than what’s needed, but less than they deserve and it will hopefully make Mets and Pirates fans feel a little bit better about themselves.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for Ben’s Chili Bowl, the Pedi cabs and the fireworks — would you go to a Nationals game?