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Last night on the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West took it upon himself to once again – keep it classy. [under appreciated]

It looks like the VMAs, MTV’s video awards, just had its YouTube moment: Kanye West grabbing the mic as Taylor Swift accepts her award, and instead directing the attention to Beyonce.

This type of public behavior, albeit far worse than this , got us thinking. Is it time for another beer summit?  Could Obama, Kanye and Joe Wilson come together for the betterment of mankind?

The over-arching theme of this summit could be "how to manage your emotions while in a public setting."  Perhaps we could even learn valuable lessons from these gentleman.  Lessons that could prove helpful when deciding whether or not to have a public outburst of our own.

For instance, what type of things should we think about before putting our emotions on display in front of the whole world?  Like, will this outburst help line my pockets?  If I do this, will I be a trending topic on Twitter?
Will Keith Olbermann mention me on his awesome show?  What would Beyonce do?

More than ever, we need this summit.  America needs to know.