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Believe it or not, we all have Facebook problems. Some of them are just more serious than others.

Since we’re the folks that first warned you about Facebook abuse , we figured it was our duty to enlighten our fans here at FamousDC about the tell-tale signs of a rapidly spreading problem that’s being called "over-Facebooking."

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of warning signs.

You Might Over-Facebook …

If you’ve ever turned to your loved one sitting next to you on the couch and asked, "Mind if I Facebook that first?"
If you’ve ever wondered for more than 30 seconds as to what to post as your status.
If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night to update your page.
If you’ve ever posted a status and then been so nervous about doing so you nearly threw up.
If you’ve ever commented on someone else’s status while they’re standing right next to you – and then giggled.
If you’ve ever updated your status, then awaited a fist bump from a friend after they read it.
If you’ve ever told us your going to the gym, at the gym and then leaving the gym – all within 1.5 hours of each other.
If you’ve ever regretted commenting on a status of someone you were attracted to.
If you update your status more than six times a day.
If you’ve ever posted that CNN bumped you for a story about a recycling plant that caught fire.
If you’ve ever explained your unnecessary gas, or lack thereof.
If you’ve ever apologized for something you posted.
If you’ve ever apologized for apologizing for something you posted.
If you’ve ever asked someone out via your inbox.
If you’ve ever poked anyone, ever.
If the FBI has ever shut down your account.
If you’ve ever asked anyone to comment on your status, just so you look legit.
If you’ve ever mentioned that today might be the worst day ever (trust us, it isn’t).
If you’ve ever accepted a friend request because you have 30 mutual friends, none of whom you know.
If you’ve ever tagged a friend in an incriminating photo.
If your updates include anything about stray kittens.
If you’re that person that keeps scanning old high school photos and then tagging the rest of us.
See above, insert junior high.
If you’ve ever told your boss via your status that he or she might or might not be a doucher.
If you play Mafia wars, or that damn game about the farm.
If you’ve taken more than 34 quizzes.
If you substitute Facebooking for grooming.
If your updates are only about your children. [if so, get them an account and teach them how to type]
If you update your status, then walk down the hall of your office and ask someone, "did you see my status?"