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Republicanville is a new social network for, you guessed it … [Republicans]

Republicanville is otherwise known as:

Match.com for people who have ever purchased Sarah Palin gear.
A chat forum for everything Vineyard Vines.
Where good ideas are retweeted, and then never heard from again.
Where the average attention span is less than 4 seconds.
A seemingly intriguing site, until you click on it.

Other things of note about this interesting site:

The job board lacks — j.o.b.s
They have a very one-sided poll with two responses.
The "album" section is pet friendly.
The "groups" section should be renamed the "group" section because there is only one.
The logo looks looks familiar , so expect a call from their lawyer soon.

Other than that, not too bad. Definitely worth the intrigue.