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Yesterday we told you that Congress accidentally slipped in a few extra dollars in order to buy some fancy jet airplanes that will be used to shuttle them around the globe.  Now we find out that Congress was even more generous than we originally thought.

The House Appropriations Committee put money for three Gulfstream 550 jets to the Defense appropriations bill, even though the Air Force, which would operate the planes, asked for just one.  [tighten the (seat)belt]

With the increase in congressional extramarital affairs, it does seem like a reasonable idea – but even so, Sen. Claire McCaskill is vowing to kill the $200 million line item in the defense bill.  A move that will certainly not help her win any popularity contests with her colleagues.

UPDATE: Get ready, folks…we think we’ve figured out a way this might work…

Step One: Mark the $200M toward producing one F-22 at some plant in Missouri.
Step Two: Make the Reps. squeeze together in the F-22’s cockpit en route to the next CODEL.
Step Three: Instruct the pilot to request a flyby.
Step Four: Ignore the tower’s response of, "Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full."
Step Five: Buzz the tower .