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Apparently the only thing falling apart faster than heath care is Metro. [typical]

“The train control system designed to prevent Metro crashes is malfunctioning across the railroad, suggesting that a technological failure at the heart of last month’s fatal crash may be widespread, according to officials and documents.

“At least one-half dozen track circuits on four of the five lines of the transit system have failed to properly detect the presence of trains. The safe operation of a transit system requires that everyone know the location of trains at all times.”


"In some instances, workers troubleshooting the problematic circuits have taken the unusual step of turning off those where problems are deemed more serious."

Given that these are the same guys responsible for the elevator and escalator “maintenance,” this is probably a good thing.

"Kubicek said Metro officials do not know what is causing the problems."

Jeez, even Pelosi knows where her health care revolt is coming from!

“When maintenance crews disable track circuits, they create ‘dark’ stretches of the subway. That means trains have to proceed one at a time through the affected section of track at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, which is creating delays.”

Wait, there are times when Metro isn’t delayed?

”It also means that controllers in Metro’s downtown operations center cannot "see" the train as it moves through the affected area and the safe operation of the train is entirely in the hands of the operator.”

Oh THAT’S reassuring. [cat nap]