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NBC Sports: Obama says he’ll push for eight-team playoff [11/15/08]

"I’m going to throw my weight around. I think it’s the right thing to do," said President-Elect Barack Obama

US News: BCS Coordinator: Sorry President-Elect Obama, No College Football Playoffs Here [11/19/08]

"For now, our constituencies—and I know he understands constituencies—have settled on the current BCS system, which the majority believe is the best system yet to determine a national champion while also maintaining the college football regular season as the best and most meaningful in sports" said John Swofford, coordinator of the Bowl Championship Series.


Michael Wilbon: When the President-Elect Talks, The BCS Should Listen [11/19/09]

Chris Dufresne: There’s little chance that President-elect Obama can bring about a playoff [11/20/09]

The point is awarded to … Mr. Wilbon

Politico: Congress ponders football’s BCS system [07/07/09]