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Sen. Ensign allegedly having an affair with a married staffer is interesting but in the grand scheme of politician sex scandals, let’s be honest, it’s pretty tame and barely cracks our top 10 list.

Which brings us to…. (drum roll please …)

The Top 10 Political Sex Scandals of the Last Decade

10. John Ensign + married staffer who was apparently paid in dollar bills.

Would have ranked much higher had he announced his affair via Twitter.

9. Rep. Don Sherwood + back rub rejecting mistress

He said he was giving her a massage – she said he was trying to strangle her. He did not win re-election.
Mistress wins.

8. Rep. Tim Mahoney + His jobless mistress

"You work at my pleasure. If you do the job that I think you should do, you get to keep your job. Whenever I don’t feel like you’re doing your job, then you lose your job. And guess what? The only person that matters is guess who? Me. You understand that? That is how life really is. That is how it works.” – Tim Mahoney to former mistress / employee

7. Rep. Vito Fossella + mother of his child that was not his wife

Note to anyone who may possibly be in the same position as Mr. Fossella: If you are pulled over by the police for drunk driving – do not tell the officer you are going to see your sick child and her mother in Alexandria when your wife lives in Staten Island.

6. Sen Larry Craig + ….

The soft shoe routine heard round the world.

5. Sen. David Vitter + D.C. Madam Hooker

Vitter showed up on a list of the clients of the high ladies of the night furnished by the D.C. Madam.
He apologized. His wife accepted. The details of that affair will live on in our hearts forever.

4. Sen. John Edwards + Cici from Poison

Ok, so the woman just looked like Cici from Poison but the former Presidential candidate was caught leaving their love nest by the National Enquirer.

Considering the fact that his wife has cancer and his family is generally adorable, it’s no real surprised that we have not heard from the boy wonder since.

3. Former Governor Elliot Spitzer + $$$$$ Hooker

The plate on the door of the Mayflower Hotel where Spitizer and his lady friend would rendezvous has been stolen several times.

This scandal had everything … hookers, hypocrisy and weird, weird sex.

2. Rep. Mark Foley + pages

AIM will never be the same.  Imagine what would have transpired had Twitter been around…

1. Marion Barry + "the bitch"

Ok – this was 30 years ago. But it’s D.C.’s mayor for life’s finest moment and deserves a place of honor.