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Chris Bowlin is setting up shop in the Senate, Playboy stepped in it with their hate f*** list (big time), Jennifer Crider is now part-time political director and part time hedge-clipper, Jordan Stoick is now a daddy, La Loma had a huge tree fall in front of the restaurant — and the margaritas kept flowing, JoMa took over the reins of Playbook from Mike Allen this week, Andrew Noyes posted one of Andrew Feinberg’s K Street pictures, Costa Rica crushed the US soccer team, Robert Schlesinger and his wife had a boy, Emmet, Vaughn Ververs and Danielle Jones reunited, the Dugger family, of TLC fame, visited the Hill, an intern for a NJ DEMOCRAT failed at discretion, Harry Reid ruined everyone’s July, Texan Matt Mackowiak was quoted in Politico, but forgot Senator Cornyn is a fellow Texan, Reagan’s son opted to appear with Palin instead of his dad’s statue, we wonder if David Axlerod is still enjoying his government sponsored door-to-door car service and the College Republicans stepped up security for Pawlenty’s speech.