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The Energy and Commerce Committee has been a barrel of laughs this week.

We thought Chairman Waxman’s sly move of sending all the Republicans cucumber sandwiches would take the cake, but boy were we wrong!

Earlier today, in the never-ending mark-up, Congressman Joe Barton asked the Democrats’ speed reader to read the first part of his substitute in a "Texas accent."

The speed reader, not missing a beat, read for about 30 seconds as if he grew up loving all things Aggie.

Chairman Waxman then asked what the reader’s name was, so the guy gave his name. Waxman responded, "If anyone in America needs a speed reader, are you available?"

The guy said, "yes."

Not to be out done, a Republican Member yelled, "You just created one job!"

See, Congress is creating jobs: one speed reader at a time.

Thanks to Extreme C-SPAN, we can now go to the tape!