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We’re happy to hear that Kevin Spacey’s career is doing so well.

From Anne Schroeder Mullins:  [get your popcorn]

More casting decisions have been made in what will be D.C.’s finest movie about the latest scandal, otherwise known as the Jack Abramoff story.

Kevin Spacey was chosen to play Abramoff, and now a guy you probably have never heard of, Barry Pepper , is playing Michael Scanlon, according CinemaBlend.com , which sources "a press release from the producers."  (Originally, Hayden Christensen was playing Scanlon, according to IMDB.com .)  Pepper was in "61*" and "We Were Soliders" and "The Green Mile" and tons of other stuff, even though you still don’t know who he is.

Also on tap for the flick, via CinemaBlend is "Twilight’s" Rachell Lafevre is Scanlon’s "love interest" and Kelly Preston is playing Abramoff’s wife Pam. It starts filming in Toronto soon.

Mr. Abramoff,

No offense to you personally, because trust us, we are huge fans of your illustrious career as a lobbyist – but we’d rather spend our $10 on a couple of Washington Wizard bar drinks .



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