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In honor of LeBron James winning the NBA MVP [and because rooting for the Wizards drives us to drink], we would like to encourage FDC readers to celebrate by going to the bar this weekend [Cap Lounge] and having a drink that is growing in popularity, that you may not have heard about.

The ‘LeBomb James’ requires a shot of Crown Royal (for King James), some Red Bull and three packs of Splenda. Drop the shot of Crown in the Red Bull, chug it, dump Splenda in your hands, and ‘baby powder throw’ it into the air like LBJ. It’s an instant hit with the bar patrons." [SI]

If you’d like to partake in the "Washington Wizards" Bar trick details are below:

Order a cheap beer.  Pour it over your head.  Have your buddy kick you in the crotch.  Repeat until you get booed and tossed out of the bar.