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This is not a mere commentary on the looks of your current short list, as that would be shallow, and really isn’t worth getting into … yikes .

But here are our top 10 reasons why you should select Kimberly for the high court:

10) She’s a Fox News host…thereby guaranteeing all Republican Senators will vote for her.

9) She has a compelling story of paying her way through law school by modeling lingerie for Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret. That’s a way better story than Joe Biden’s "my dad worked in a coal mine blah blah blah".

8 ) 2005 USO Entertainer of the Year.

7) She’s fashion forward: rockin the Palin glasses in 2001.

6) She dropped that Hillary supporting Gavin Newsom husband of hers like a bad habit.

5) Magna cum laude graduate of the University of California.

4) She’s a first generation American, born in San Francisco to a Puerto Rican mother and an Irish father.

3) She didn’t really mean this.

2) She Twitters! [Sort of ]

And the number one reason why you should pick Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle for the Supreme Court:

1) It will upset Megyn Kelly