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Thanks to good guys over at The Foggy Monocle, we now know that Chevy’s has a cut-off of eight drinks per person.

ChevysChevalier : I can’t decide what is more depressing — that I learned what the cutoff limit is at Chevy’s, or that I wasn’t even remotely drunk after 8 beers

The Foggy Monocle: Two Unemployed Gentlemen Go Rogue

When a gentleman is cut off from employment, his schedule opens up considerably, allowing him to accomplish time-consuming tasks that were heretofore constantly put on the back burner. Suddenly, building that fireside den he’s always coveted, outfitting his Bentley with nitrous boosters for illegal street racing, perfecting his air guitar skills and devoting more time to drinking the most delicious of canned Mexican beers all enter the realm of possibility. Of course the gentleman is more than happy to use his new freedom to dedicate himself to self-improvement, and thus — with his best mate serving as a sidekick — he goes rogue, embarking on a quest of mighty self-indulgence and excess, dodging the mortar fire of public opinion and adult expectations, and ambling from one bender to the next. As we say in Monocle Land, top notch, top notch!