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We’re writing this as friends. Friends who have noticed a disturbing and ultimately unproductive Facebook/Twitter practice: overweight/unattractive/old people using ancient or misleading photos as their profile pic. Look, we all want to look our best–and goodness knows the Famous DC team has never won a beauty pageant (except for that one in Bangkok, which we don’t like to talk about). But, please folks, your pics should look at least a little something like you, and be from the same decade we’re in.

We’ve heard the excuses:

“I’m too lazy to change the picture.” Really? You’ve got the energy to Twitter about how you thought The Wrestler was overrated.

“That pic was taken at Machu Picchu. It was so awesome.” You know what else is awesome? Vacations you took this century.

“All my other pics have other people in them.” Here’s a tip: crops aren’t just for eating.

There’s nothing wrong with picking a great photo of yourself, but try to keep it honest. We know our tabloid culture doesn’t help, and celebrities set terrible examples. Here’s Baldwin’s Facebook pic . Here’s how he really looks. Seems like ABC now stands for “always be chewing.” But of course, they make their money by looking their best. You make yours goofing on constituents. No need to gild the lily.

The truth is, no one really cares how you look. Skinny, fat, acne, no acne, tall, short, bald, hairy, whatever. Just have fun out there.