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FamousDC is happy to announce that the good people at Mr. Yogato have agreed to provide the winner of the 2009 FamousDC Twitter Challenge with a sweet reward!

What does that mean? It means a special prize for our winner, and an opportunity for all of our readers to do some good while eating good.

The Prize: Mr. Yogato, himself, has agreed to name a customer combo after our winner. That means the "Original Tangy with Strawberries" could become "Hammer’s Hooplah," "Turk’s Delight," David’s Revolution," "Almacy’s a la mode," "Ruffini’s Quaker Shake," or "Grimster’s Greenie Madness."

But wait, there’s more.

For one week after the flavor is renamed, Mr. Yogato will donate the proceeds from the sale of the winner’s combo to the charity of their choice! Perhaps we can raise some money to get the Fail Whale some floaties.

But wait, there’s more.

Mr. Yogato will also put up a picture (funny, if you please) of the winner in the store.

As you can see, the Yogato Crew aren’t your average business folks . And that’s why we like them. Plus, their yogurt is fat free, and something has to balance out the Good Stuff. Thanks so much to this DC favorite for providing this great prize and for giving back to the community.

So keep twittering , following the challenge and start thinking of potential flavor names.