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We hear Brad Dayspring celebrated his birthday with the awful bartenders at Bobby Van’s, Vogel re-took the reigns over at the DCCC, Jennifer Crider gave beltway gardening advice to Patrick O’Connor, Camille Paglia fell off the White House Christmas card list, Senator Murkowksi decided she needs a break from the slopes, a man was arrested near the Capitol with a SWORD, ABC News challenged Chris Cillizza to a "fix" duel, Ryan Grim started following Gil Kerlikowske’s every move, Kevin Madden told Erin McPike a McCarthy Whip Pod story, Matt Margolis got rear-ended, another Star Trek convention lives on this weekend in Austin, Bush decided Twittering isn’t for him, Rush is still not popular with Democrats, Tucker Carlson is starting a blog, Jessica Boulanger was chosen as the "Cool Mom Pick" of the day, Madoff continued to prove he’s a huge douchebag and Meghan McCain threw down the Ann Coulter gauntlet.

What did we miss?