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Chris Cillizza, who famously refers to himself as “The Fix”, is one of our favorite journos.  But lately we’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of times he actually refers to himself as “The Fix” or uses the word “fix” in any given post. So in the spirit of counting, we’ve decided to occasionally track the number of “fix” references.

We begin today

A Fix Note: Of Baby Fix and the Future

No, this isn’t the post where we announce the arrival of Baby Fix — although we expect his/her (we really don’t know!) first day on earth sometime in the very near future.

With the arrival imminent, however, we are going to be changing the format of the Fix slightly for the next few weeks.

Each day we’ll have the White House Cheat Sheet — the one stop guide for all the news (and analysis) you need to know about 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the campaign trail and whatever else in the political world strikes our fancy.

But, unless there is a HUGE political story out there that we simply can’t resist sounding off on, we won’t be doing any more than that one post on any given day.

For you Friday Line lovers out there, never fear: we will still put out a Line every Friday including tomorrow when we break down the ten governors’ mansions most likely to switch sides in 2009/2010.

Thanks to all the Fixistas out there for the well wishes to Mrs. Fix in advance of the baby’s arrival. And thanks in advance for understanding the slight slowdown in Fix posts over the next few weeks as we adjust to being new parents.

Chris Cillizza
“The Fix”
The Washington Post

Not a bad start.  We counted 8.