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If you’re a Capitol Hill staffer looking to trot your friends, family or any other visitor through the newly constructed trillion dollar Capitol Visitor Center (CVC), unfortunately that’s not going to happen – unless you’ve graduated from CVC tour school.

As one tipster tells FDC, staffers are being forced to take a six hour tour school in order to take groups through the new visitor’s center.

But don’t worry, the best part about participating in tour school: At the end of the class, each “graduate” is given a flash disk in faux leather with the Capitol Visitor’s Center logo stamped into it. [dude, that’s awesome!]

We also hear the flash drive has like 12 useless PowerPoint slides that could be easily posted online. But no, the Architect of the Capitol decided to give one to every person who takes the class.

That’s your taxpayer dollars at work, friends.

Best part? Made in China sticker smack dab on it.

UPDATE: A tipster tells us staffers aren’t even allowed to use USB drives anymore.  Oh, the irony.