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In a move that can only be described as hilarious, three Kentucky Fried Chicken employees were canned yesterday after they took a bath in the company sink.   [tough economic times]

Three young girls have now been fired after stripping down to their bras and panties (or possibly bathing suits) and bathing in a Kentucky Fried Chicken dishwashing sink.

An unofficial spokesman for the three girls had this to say:

 “Not exactly what Colonel Sanders had in mind when he starting selling breasts and thighs, but hell, it’s not like they rolled around in grease, dropped their asses in flour and attempted to deep fry their panties.  In my humble opinion they should get some sort of severance package for being creative.  Think about all the attention KFC is getting right now.  Trust me, that 2 for 1 deal wasn’t exactly garnering many headlines.”

As history has shown, when it comes to scantily dressed women, Colonel Sanders was not shy.