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October of an election year on Capitol Hill means one of two things if you’re a staffer. You’re either deployed to a congressional district in hopes of picking up some scattered ass and a few votes, or two, you stick around town, with most of your time dominated by social networks, Perez Hilton and long lunches.

What usually does not happen weeks prior to any election, for those left to tend the hallowed halls of congress, is work.

Except this year.

This year, thanks to the rising prices of cafeteria food, a few staffers have gotten together and decided to do a little work, in the form of starting a boycott on Facebook.

The Facebook group [Hill Staffers United Against Restaurant Associates] boasts the following language:

With the announcement that Restaurant Associates plans to increase food prices by as much as 40%, it’s time to boycott the House cafeterias.

So far they’ve mustered up about 30 supporters.  Here’s to hoping they can catch a few more before they’re all caught in Longworth buying wraps.