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From our good friend Anne.  Who doesn’t love a little awkward PDA?

MGH: We’ve got our eyes on you.

Those are the initials of a woman who works in the Dirksen building and who is often, continually, almost always spotted making out in a hallway in the Hart building with an unknown male. Their make-out sessions, it seems, are so intense that it has begun to irk those who have to walk past them in the hallway en route to work each morning.

“They are constantly making out, pressed on each other, against the walls — to the point where it’s a step past funny and you’re just embarrassed to walk by them,” snarls a fellow Senate staffer. “It’s totally high school. Like the crap you’d see people doing at their lockers between science and English,” continues the snarler.

“When you come in [from] C Street, there’s a staircase on the right. The second- or third-floor landing is their preferred spot. … Sometimes it spills into the hall, but usually it’s in the corner. He’s doing a lot of talking, and she’s doing a lot of smiling coyly and grabbing him close. It’s so romance-novel gross.”

Once again, an innocent helps to make the case that Washington is like high school.