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FDC only sends its operatives to Washington’s classiest locations, which is why we were NOT surprised to get these pictures of Washington Redskins Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, and Rock Cartwright enjoying wings, burgers, and some more attractive entrees at the Chinatown Hooters Wednesday night.

The trio was spotted relaxing before Sunday’s face off with the Rams with their entourage(s) and some lovely ladies.  Ever the gentlemen, they kept a low profile and signed autographs for anyone brave enough to ask.  Unfortunately, our spies weren’t so brave, so we’ve only got one clear picture.

Next time, fellas, make like Cooley and sack up!

On the plus side, our spies did note no beer was consumed by Moss, Portis, or Cartwright.  The bad news is the NFL’s toughest players do seem to have a soft spot for mini bottles of Sutter Home White Zinfandel.  A continuous supply of the pink made its way from the bar to the Skins’ table.

Also making an appearance at Hooters on Wednesday was an unnamed Wizards Girl.  According to a well-placed source, Wizards cheerleaders purchase their pantyhose from the Hooters ladies room.  No word on whether they get them used or new.  Our spies made it clear that while the Hooters staff were certainly lookers, they were outshone by their magical counterpart.  One more reason to get over to the Verizon Center this season.

Click to enlarge the pics.  Go Skins!