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Rusty, former editor of Why I Hate DC, ain’t too happy.  Why?  Because the blog he help launch into stardom has recently pooped the nest.

Rusty, who moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue a career in adult films, has been checking the progress of the site’s new editor, Liz, and isn’t pleased.

“So, what to do? To be honest, I don’t know. I am incredibly disappointed that this site is floundering. I very much want it to succeed. There is so much to complain about and my predecessor’s work (James F, duh) is going to waste. He created a popular site and, according to SiteMeter anyway, I helped it grow. I want that growth to continue.”

Rusty, if you want good writers – look no further. And if any FDC fans that think they’re funny enough to compete with the likes of Rusty, email him at [email protected].  Tell him we sent you.