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Agent Zero may not play next season, but he does have time to get engaged.
WaPo: Arenas Went a-Courting, and the Answer Was Yes

After seven years and two kids together, Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan are making it official: They’re getting married

The Wizards’ $111 million superstar turned around a week of bad news — a third knee surgery that could keep him off the court through the end of the year — by getting engaged over the weekend.

“Life is about growth and getting smarter about the choices we make,” Arenas said in an e-mail. “Being a husband and father will require both of those!” We couldn’t tease out any more details (the proposal, the date); knowing Agent Zero, he’s probably waiting to break the story on his own blog.

So, what about next season? It looks like Arenas took to his blog to tell us about surgery number 3.

Agent Zero: The Blog File

I actually did everything I was supposed to after the season. I sat out a whole month without doing anything. No nothing. No rehab, no jogging, no nothing. I took the time because whatever the pain was that felt like a pinch or a bruised bone, we felt that over time, with me not doing anything the pinch would go away.

Then we started working out and the pain started coming back, the pain that was in the back of the knee. We ended up finding out that it was debris and swelling that was causing that pain. The pressure that was inside the knee was causing one of the nerves back there to be pinched and it was causing me pain. It wasn’t pain to where I couldn’t play, but it was pain to the point where I couldn’t get through rehab the way I wanted to and before I stepped on the floor I didn’t want anything holding me back.

FamousDC applauds our local blogging sports superstars and hope to see Agent Zero back on the court soon.