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We’re all back at work. We’re drinking coffee instead of champagne. Congress is coming back. We have a stack of expenses to file. We’re buying our own drinks. The Black Eyed Peas are back to doing, well, whatever it is that they do.

Here are a few closing thoughts and questions from the blitz that was the convention:

Politico threw a super secret bash at the DNC convention, but not at the RNC convention. The only surprise they had for the RNC convention was to call McCain desperate for his Palin pick.

Which lobbyist was seen in a lifeguard’s chair at the warehouse party only hours before the flight back to DC?

Can you believe Obama and his team pulled off the 80,000 person event? WOW.

Will the groups of women sporting Clinton 08 stickers in Denver cross over and vote for Palin? Their message seemed to be a little more “bitter” as opposed to “unity.”

Are all cab drivers during conventions from another state and have no idea where they’re going? It happens every time.

We took more naps over the past two weeks than we’ve taken since kindergarten. Can we implement these on the hill?

Thank goodness these only happen once every four years. We’ll see you in 2012.