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You could see it coming from miles away, but it has been made official- Jim Slattery’s campaign apologized to Sen. Roberts for calling him an a-hole.

Democrat Jim Slattery’s campaign has apologized for an e-mail sent to thousands of people that contained a crude word to describe Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, whom Slattery is challenging in the November election. [my bad, Pat]

So, that’s the end of the story, right?  They apologize and then this whole thing goes away.


Why stop there, when as campaign manager for Slattery, you can do some under the bus tossing.

The e-mail, which also contained bogus quotes criticizing Roberts, was written by Slattery’s deputy communications director. It was released inadvertently Tuesday to donors, volunteers, reporters and others who regularly receive Slattery campaign updates.

Well, at least they didn’t actually reveal the poor bastard’s name.  Oh wait…

No decision was immediately made Tuesday about the future of deputy communications director, Ian Staples.

At this point, everybody who has half a brain knows Slattery himself didn’t send the damn email, so why is it even necessary to lay blame?  [Note: It was also blamed on a software malfunction, as if that’s believable]

At the end of the day, shouldn’t the campaign manager be held responsible or maybe even the candidate himself?

We here at FamousDC would like to personally reach out to young Ian and offer our condolences.

We also thought we’d share this letter we wrote on his behalf.  Ian, just print this out and send it when you get a chance.

Dear Google,

I’m not claiming to be the brightest young man on the planet, but if you could please show just an ounce of mercy on me and help erase what will inevitably be a political scar on my search history for the rest of my life, that’d be swell.

I recently, and jokingly, referred to a very respected Senator from Kansas as an a-hole.  And while I’d love take backs, or some sort of time machine – the only real chance I have at saving my career is if you help me optimize my search history.

Right now when you Google my name, bad shit happens.  And as you well know, it’s only going to get worse.  At this point, I’d rather optimize as some sort of French porn star, as opposed to the scarlet letter currently affixed to my virtual biography.

Thanks in advance for helping salvage my career.

Ian, if that doesn’t work, email us – we’ll find you a job here at FamousDC.