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Here’s a quick lesson in campaigning … don’t give interns administrator privileges – ever, or let them drink on the job.

The below email [believe it or not] was sent out by Jim Slattery’s campaign earlier today.  Jim Slattery, [sweet name] is the brave individual who was tricked by his friends into thinking he could beat legendary Kansas Senator Pat Roberts this November. [Like showing up to knife fight with a Popsicle stick]

Text of the email: In an effort to share the story of average Kansans, we need your testimonials on where Pat Roberts went wrong and how he let you and your family down.  This is your chance to share your motivations.  Getting our country back on the right track is going to take a lot of work and step number one here in Kansas is removing Pat Roberts from office.

So far so good, until you scroll down and read this…

John from Dodge City shared this, “Pat Roberts…is an asshole”

We don’t much about politicking here at FDC, but we do know that this probably isn’t the best way to lend credibility to one’s campaign.


Screen grab below.  [note: we added the arrow]