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Listen up sports fans, we’ve got two outs in the bottom of the 9th, 4th down, 6 teams fouls, only seconds left on the clock before the buzzer sounds …


You can get text alerts from the Obama campaign as soon as the pick is announced and all the media outlets can’t stop writing about the VP horse race.

Slate’s Jack Shafer is fed up with it all: Veep Creep

The long, drawn-out faux drama of picking a running mate.

Another way candidates exploit the process is by floating the names of individuals they would never actually choose. Take, for example, the trial balloon the Obama camp sent up in July for Ann Veneman, a Republican and secretary of agriculture in George W. Bush’s first administration. Obama is as likely to pick Funshine Bear from the Care Bear family as his running mate, but the Veneman balloon gives him a way to look more open-minded than your usual Democrat.

The Fix even commented on Jack Shafer’s comments on the VP race:

The Fix, like all political journalists, carries a strong tendency toward introspection and second-guessing.

And so, in the midst of the frenzied speculation cum reporting about the vice presidential picks will be for John McCain and Barack Obama, we were drawn to a recent piece penned by Slate’s Jack Shafer in which he argues that the vast majority of vice presidential coverage is, in short, a bunch of hooey.

We can get breaking news alerts from leading media outlets solely on speculation regarding the upcoming announcement. We’re all worked up about a RACE! FamousDC is as guilty as everyone else. We can’t get enough of this and we can’t stop watching all the contenders go lap after lap with trial balloons and pump fakes. Heck, Politico even has a Playbook to read about the latest trades, substitutions, and pit stops.

We’ve turned the VP selection process into a NASCAR race. See you on Sunday!