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We’re still 100% thankful Gilbert Arenas is staying in D.C. and we love reading his blog updates on basketball, video games and life. Arenas is actually our second favorite DC area sports blogger (we got you Cooley!).

His latest blog post covers the NBA trades and free agent moves, the pull towards Europe (weak dollar), his love of sharks, and why he doesn’t vote (jury duty).

Agent Zero: The Blog File

Kwame Brown — I like that deal for Detroit and for Kwame. He’s in a quieter city now, he’s 26-years old, he’s on a veteran team, he’s growing up. In the past in D.C. and L.A. it was a case of him being a big kid in a big city, now he can settle his career down. You know that Sheed and McDyess and those other bigs will help him develop and this should be the best time of his career because in Detroit, the bigs get touches in the offense.

Gilbert – seriously? Do you really believe this or did you lose a bet to Kwame?

My Pool
I’m actually disappointed that those pictures are on the net. That’s part of my personal life that got out. I’m disappointed that somebody that doesn’t even work at my house any more took pictures and put them on the Internet. I don’t know if he sold them or if he just put them up there, but I think it’s wrong. But hey, that’s something that comes with the territory I guess.

I always wanted a pool and then I also have the shark tanks in there. When I saw that part in the story, I knew who took the picture.

Damn. Gilbert Arenas knows who posted the pics. We wouldn’t want to be that joker. Now, as far as the million dollar pool with a grotto that tops Hugh and a shark tank? Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

The Election
I’m not into politics, but I see what’s going on in the presidential race and I’m seeing rappers make songs for Obama and Mr. McCain doing all his stuff and I’m thinking, this is getting out of control, people. Whatever happened to Democrats and Republicans? You vote for who’s who.

It’s hard for me to vote, because since I’ve been in the NBA I’ve been in the upper class so I’ve been a Republican. If you have any type of money, you’re a Republican, period. So, it’s hard because you see a better looking president in Obama – I don’t even want to say because he’s black, but he just looks the part – and then you have McCain who is Republican and I’m like, man. I know Obama is going to raise taxes on the upper class from 20-60 percent, that’s what I’m looking at. To be honest, I stopped paying attention a long time ago when it was Bush and Gore when Gore won the popular vote, but Bush was the president.

There’s another reason I don’t vote – I don’t want jury duty. If you’re not registered to vote, you can’t get jury duty. I know that campaign Diddy had a couple years ago, “Vote or Die,” yeah if the alternative is jury duty, I’m going to die. I’m not going to get in one of these cases where they blow the jury members’ houses up to get out of the trial, I’m cool. I’ve seen too many movies.

For whatever president that wins, what can I tell you? Do a good job. Change the world. I remember when we were voting for class president in high school, the guy who won was the guy who said he’s going to put the vending machines in the school cafeteria. That’s who I voted for. So until I hear vending machines or lower gas prices, I’m not voting. As soon as I hear, “Yeah, I’m going to lower gas prices,” then you got me, I’ll sit in jury duty.

There you go. Gilbert isn’t endorsing McCain or Obama and he doesn’t even vote! We appreciate the honesty.

We’ll see you next time Agent Zero … keep ’em coming!

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