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J. Aloysius Hogan (solid name) quit his gig as COS for Rep. Paul Broun because of money issues. Aloysisus (we can’t stop saying it) also blasted around his resume with hopes of landing a new gig.

Jackie Kucinich: Broun’s chief of staff quits amid budgetary debacle

The chief of staff for Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) resigned Monday as sources said the congressman’s office has busted its budget.

Making the best of the captive audience, Aloysius makes his pitch:

In an e-mail sent to some of his colleagues on Tuesday, Hogan wrote that he was leaving Broun’s office but had not yet landed a job: “After a big election victory in our House primary two weeks ago, and having completed a year getting a midterm freshman House member up and running, I am dedicated to moving back to the Senate or to downtown. A one-page version of my résumé is attached. Help from you all would be much appreciated.”

Good luck out there Aloysius!