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That is how a senior GOP aide referenced a new bill by Reps. Eliot Engel and Todd Platts that would ban smoking in all federal buildings.

Yes … having solved the energy crisis, ended the Iraq war, and fixed social security, Congress is now focusing on smoking.

Shenanigans: Very Important Legislation – no, really

A senior GOP aide scoffed: “Democrats refuse to schedule a vote on a real bill to bring down gas prices, but they’ve got time for this nanny state crap? It’s getting to the point that the American people not only can’t afford cigarettes, they can’t even afford to drive to the store to buy ‘em, and Democrats are wasting time micro-managing where folks can light up on Capitol Hill?”

FamousDC does not support this anti-smoking legislation, but salutes the mysterious staffer who dropped “nanny state crap” on background. Solid.